Friday, August 21, 2015

10 Hand Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

When I was teaching my teenage cooking class at the Coop this month, several of my students asked for a list of hand tools that they NEED to have in their kitchen.

Honey Lemon Curd Tart with Fresh Raspberries from
Honey Lemon Curd Tart with Fresh Raspberries
One of the dishes we made at class. 

The requests got me to thinking.
As I'm considering a move to a tiny home,

What are my essentials?

Everything should have a couple of jobs, not just one.
They should be durable, healthy-no toxic no-stick for me, and preferably made in the USA.
So how lean can I get and still be able to turn out the meals and baking I love?
I'm going to assume that everyone has a wonderful pot and pan set to begin the setup.
Cutco Knives- American Made and sharpened for life
Cutco knives are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. Even better, they let you send the knives off to Olean NY and send them back SHARPENED! for life.
Multi Colored cutting board keep meat, vegetables and baking separate
You have to have a good cutting board. These are big enough to chop everything for stirfry. Love the colors and have 3 so one can be vegetables, one meat and the 3rd is my baking board. These are restaurant quality and durability.
Bench scraper- indispensable tool in the kitchen
Bench knives are used to move food into pans, clean up counters, cut doughs. I use mine daily.
Foldable Grater -perfect for small spaces
You have to have a grater to make macoroni & cheese or zucchini bread. This one has 4 different grating sides and folds flat for storage.
Fine Microplane for citrus peels and ginger
But using a huge grater for just a bit of lemon peel is overkill. This flat Microplane works perfectly and comes with a plastic cover for safe storage.  This is the professional version with metal sides.
Stainless steel Colanders
Now that we have saved a bit of space, let's use it all up with these colanders. I know, they are a bit big, but you can't steam Thai Sticky Rice in a silicone colander. I store room temperature produce on the counter in the unused ones.
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls
Stainless steel bowls are essential for all cooking, this nested set gives lots of options.
Silicone hot pads, and spoon rest
Got to have a way to grab things from the oven or stove.
Silicone spoonulas and spoons
Silicone spatulas and spoonulas are my favorite mixing tool
Oxo hand tool set

Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat, gathering the spoons, spatula, pizza cutter, whisk, can opener, tongs and turner into one convenient holder, but it is so cute for the counter. And it is OXO so you know the quality is there.
This is my list of the ten hand tools I couldn't live without.
What's on your list of tools?

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