Monday, August 24, 2015

Berry Well – Winter Illness Prevention for Kids


Berry Well Ingredient labelVital Nutrients Berry Well

This product is one component of my wintertime prevention basics for children.
Got to love a simple product that works to keep kids healthy throughout the winter cold and flu season. You just stir the powder into a glass of water, juice or into a bit of applesauce.
I even use this for adults who just can’t or won’t take capsules.
It has a wonderful pineapple flavor with a bit of berry too.
If you don’t have a Naturopath of your own, feel free to order this product from me.
The pretty green box in the right hand column connects to Emerson Ecologics, a distributor of these professional quality supplements.  Just use the patient code HEALTH and zip code 98229 to get into the site.

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