Monday, August 24, 2015

Ginger Beef gluten-free StirFry

=dinner by GFDoctor
Ginger Beef gluten-free StirFry =dinner, a photo by GFDoctor on Flickr.

I’m trying out a new idea, a visual recipe.
Sometimes I just grab what is in my fridge and create dinner on the fly.
The vegetables can vary, but the technique is the same.
Heat the pan, add some oil
coat the meat with a bit of cornstarch to velvet the meat and sauce later.
Add in the harder vegetables first
then the softer.
Add the sauce and a bit of extra ginger, allow to thicken for a moment.

So is this enough guidance for a quick recipe?
Do you like the visual cues from the progress shots?
Let me know, I might make this a routine recipe post.

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