Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank a First Responder Day

Who do you owe for your life?

When I was two, I turned blue in my playpen.
Found by my registered nurse mom,  she started to perform rescue breaths.
But I needed to get to a hospital STAT.
The Ambulance crew was there in minutes.
My family thought I had died.
Even told my siblings, who told their teachers at school.
Years later, dear Mrs Greenstein thought I was a ghost when I entered her 4th grade class, the same one my sister was in when I had my breathing problem.
I am here on Earth today simply because a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician came to rescue me.

Today is National Thank a First Responder Day, time o thank them  for their sacrifices.
Answering a plectron call at 2 am is not fun.
Neither is being first on the scene of a gruesome accident or getting soaked to the skin searching for a lost child.
Many of our nation’s first responders are people who care enough to VOLUNTEER their time.
Yup, they take their weekends and evenings to train, buy gear with pennies scrimped from tight family budgets, just to be able to be the one who helps.
Today, I’m asking each reader,
Have you ever been saved by a First Responder?  Have you been able to adequately thank them?
If you have it to give, please make a donation to your local firefighters, Ambulance corp, policemen, state troopers, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard,  IOSFA, clean river cleanups,  or other first responder.
Without them, the world would be a very different place.
Volunteer First Responders
 Today is Thank A First Responder Day.
Thank some one who saves your life, or the life of someone you love.
Even if the rescuer has a fur coat.
Connemara- Search and Rescue Dog
These folks are my family members, yes, even the dog.  My brother and nephews serve on the volunteer fire department in New Jersey.  My sister is a Search and Rescue volunteer in Oregon.  She is in the process of training a second dog.

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