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Crustless Frangipane Cranberry Tart Gluten-Free

Crustless Frangipane Cranberry Tart Gluten Free from

It's Cranberry Season!

Fresh Cranberries Bandon OR  from
Finally, I was able to find fresh from Bandon, OR cranberries at Costco.
I'm an eager consumer of these tart, slightly bitter berries.  Love the way the color blooms in the heat of the cooking.  Love the texture that pops in my mouth.

When the Monthly Ingredient group choose cranberries for this months post, I was so happy.

The hardest part was figuring out what to do with these harbingers of fall.

Beating Eggs and sugar to the ribbon stage from www.drjeanlayton.comI considered Cranberry Curd. Tangy curds are a fabulous component of a recipe but not a complete dessert recipe.

I considered Cranberry Bread, but that isn't a dessert.  It is a perfect addition to breakfast.

Crustless Frangipane Cranberry Tart Gluten Free -Individual size  from www.DrJeanLayton.comI wanted to create something that would be simple enough for a brand new to the gluten free diet person to make for a complete dessert.
The holidays are difficult enough without having to relearn how to make pastry.

This fills the bill. Other than the beating of the eggs, there aren't any complicated parts at all.
Even the egg beating is truly simple, if a bit long.
The technique is called ribboning, a fancy way of saying beating lots of air into the eggs and sugar mixture.
By beating so long, you start the sugar melting before it even gets into the oven.

I've tested this tart multiple times in multiple tart sizes.  It works in all of them, so feel free to make some tiny tarts for individual servings or make the large sliceable .

Gluten Free Frangipane Cranberry Tart- Crustless

By ,

Tangy cranberries floating upon almond frangipane make this a perfect fall dessert. Even better, it is one of the easiest tarts to make even for a new baker, and is naturally gluten free.

Crustless Frangipane Cranberry Tart Gluten Free from
Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook time: 90 minutes for full sized tart
Yield: 16 Servings
Equipment needed: tart pan with removable bottom or 4 mini tarts greased with butter or spray oil.
2 eggs
206 grams (1 cup) sugar(
343 grams (1 3/4 cups) almond flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
84 grams (1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon
zest of 2 tangerines
approx 2 cups cranberries
1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
2. In mixing bowl, combine eggs and sugar. Beat 5 minutes on high. YES, Five Minutes. Take a look at the beating bowl to see how the foam gets stable.
3. Beat in the remaining ingredients.
4. Scoop into the tart pan, smooth into the edges of the prepared pan.
5. Top with a single level of cranberries, depending on the size of the pan and the size of the berries, it is likely 2 cups or so.
6. Place in the oven, bake for 85-90 minutes.
7. Cool completely before cutting.

Check out the rest of the Cranberry ideas from my friends who love them almost as much as I do.

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