Thursday, October 1, 2015

Traveling First Aid Kit

Fear is in the air once again.
Fear of the unknown, 
Fear of scary possibilities,
Fear of what might happen.

Traveling brings up these fears for a lot of people. 

What would you do if there was an accident, or fire? How would you stay safe?

I come from a long line of the helper folks referred to by Mr. Rogers. 
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I'd likely help in any situation. 
But traveling adds some challenges to helping. 

When I'm seeing a patient in my office with these kinds of concerns, I have a little exercise I do with them. 

I get them to visualize the fear and ask two questions.
Is the fear actually possible?  Could the plane crash? Yes, it could, but it is highly unlikely.
What would you do if it were true?
Hopefully in the case of a possible event, you would be prepared. You would have listened to the safety information the attendants had shared, looked for the nearest exit and can hope for the best.

What could you do then to help?
Being prepared is vital.  So many of the problems of travel are minor, but incredibly annoying.

Hopefully, you have some CPR training and Basic Medical training but you also need the tools to help.
So when I travel, I bring along my tools in as compact a form as I can possibly manage.
I know I'm only one person, but if each of us could be helpers, then the events might be just a bit more manageable.

My Traveling First Aid Kit

I start out from a small prepared medical kit and then enhance it to my specialties

This kit (MedPaK) has an adequate amount of hospital grade bandages, topicals medications and conventional ingestable meds and decent quality tools (all metal)
I do remove the eye wash and put it into the quart bag of liquids just to be safe.

Then I add on my homeopathic kit since that is my preference for first aid.  This one is handy since I can refill the vials when empty, it's tiny and it comes with a lovely instruction book. 
Yes it is also a bit spendy if you aren't a well trained homeopathic practitioner. 
For folks who need just a couple of remedies, I encourage Arnica 30C for bruising, Hypericum 30 C for nerve pain and Coffea Cruda 30 C for insomnia. 

Now I'm ready to help if the need arises. 

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