Saturday, November 14, 2015


This week my "new" office manager resigned. She wanted to experience the world of a naturopathic physician before she made the commitment to 4+ years of education and $200,000 worth of student loans.
She wanted to see how amazing the medicine truly is for patients, and what she saw confirmed that for her.

But learning about the back of house realities of having a busy practice, learning the ins and outs of insurance billing, marketing and patient retention and seeing it all clearly?
Well, she has observed, learned and decided to pursue organic gardening instead.
The insurance aspect truly spooked her.
After all, in what other industry do you have to accept agreements for payment with multiple companies for the same service (at vastly different rates of reimbursement) without having the ability to negotiate the amount, take minimum of 5-7% of your income to actually do that billing and wait 30-60 days for payment?
And if those same companies had questions or concerns with the medical diagnosis code you picked based on the visit with the patient, they have the right to request all your chart notes before paying a dime.
She had quite an education, and she didn't like the realities.
So I a
m once again running my practice single-handedly till I find a new office goddess.  
But with one exception.
I no longer accept insurance payments for my services.
I will happily provide the superbill for my patients to send to their insurance companies for reimbursement but no longer provide the service.
I ran the numbers and they just don't work out in my favor.

Now I have the ability to go beyond my office walls to help other people using video conferencing and telephone consults. My contracts with the various insurance companies prohibited that before.
So wish me luck. I'll write soon how to go about scheduling with me if you wish.
And bake!

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