Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Packing Light

My packing strategy for an easy Gluten-Free trip starts without checking luggage.
About to leave from SEATAC

Clothes enough for 2 days with as much of it lightweight easy care washable as I can manage.
One set for cool weather (long sleeved shirt and pants), one set for warm weather (short sleeved shirt and shorts or skirt), a swimsuit, jammies, a shell and cardigan set, socks, underwear and whatever formal wear I need,  based on the event.
A second pair of shoes, if needed, and a small purse for daily use once at my destination. I’ll pack each type of the smaller items in large ziploc bags, press out all the air and flatten to save space.

Packets of powdered Woolite for washing if needed, along with a tiny clothesline that doesn't need clips, so nice to not have things to get lost as well as a flat plug for the sink. I hate when the sink drains out simply because the stopper isn't adjusted well.
All of my health and beauty aids in solid or powdered form. This means I don’t have to keep them in that silly quart bag, eliminating one hassle at the TSA stop.

I use this tooth powder, this deodorant, this solid shampoo, I cut off a sliver, big enough for the trip. and this brand of mineral makeup using this for color- all because of a personal choice to avoid metals, artificial scents, artificial colors and polyethylene glycol.
Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick
Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick 
If you want lots more guidance in skin care choices, check out Environmental Working Groups website. Be especially careful of your lipstick choices since the average woman ingests about 6 oz of lipstick a year!

Then I add slippers like these since I just don’t think hotel room floors get cleaned often enough and these are just so comfy after a long day of walking.  In a pinch, these can even be a third pair of shoes.

Hanging Travel Kit All get stored in a hanging kit similar to this one.
I bought it 20 years ago in New Jersey.
 The hook allows you to hang it anywhere, closet door, shower rod or tree branch.

My next packing item is the “tech center”. I use a Grid-It to organize all the power cables for my cell phone, camera, and computer, the USB cables for the camera and iTouch and such.
I include a Belkin mini surge protector for all my recharging needs, essential in most hotel rooms where there only seems to be one outlet to use for recharging. This one even has two usb hubs!

Finally for a bit of added safety, my Traveling First Aid Kit, a night light for the bathroom so I don’t have to turn on the light (and wake myself completely up) and a rigid door stop for extra security. I have found this incredibly handy on so many trips for my piece of mind.

Rolling luggage for easy airport manuvers.
Lastly luggage. All of my items fit into smallish rolling bag.

On my body as I go to the airport,
Slip on shoes-Depending on the trip- these can be as casual as my Kenneth Cole's or as elegant as my heels. Rarely do I wear heels, since I love to walk fast in airports but if I have a meeting right off the plane, then I use these.

A light jacket with lots of pockets for tickets, cellphone, business cards, pen and lip balm.

Comfortable, non binding, breathable clothes preferably in cotton or raw silk, that is most appropriate for the expected weather at my destination.
My shawl which works as a light blanket for napping just as well as a finishing touch for an evening outfit.

I keep my cellphone close since I keep all my travel information in the Kayak app I have installed. It works wonderfully for all the details of my itinerary and eliminates all the paper I used to carry.
To use it, you just forward each confirmation to the web site after you make your reservations and it places them in the correct trip by date.
The best part is when you are making reservations for multiple events, it shows on a simple grid whether you made the flight, hotel or car reservations yet for each event.

When you have a summer like the one I have coming up with at least 2 trips every month, having one page that serves to remind you of what is done and unfinished is priceless. The app and the website component are both free!

I used to use TripIt but switched to Kayak because of the overview. I have heard that the paid version of TripIt can keep track of your frequent flyer and rewards numbers to insure credit. Maybe soon the Kayak one will too.

Lastly in my “personal item”, typically my Brenthaven backpack, but maybe I'll upgrade to this one soon.
My computer with power supply in its separate easily removed section.

A tiny sewing kit, emery board and a couple of rubber bands and safety pins and a hair brush. All of this is in one place courtesy of our Border patrol, it was a give away at an event last year.

 I add in a couple of these Lavender oil wipes as well for antibacterial cleaning purposes. The “meds” I pack include glutenzyme, multivitamins, fish oil, and vitamin D.
Luckily, I have no need for any conventional medications.

A pad to be able to write longhand, a book, knitting project like socks and food.
If I am traveling alone, I typically just pack along a bag of almonds and tart cherries, an organic dark chocolate bar, a few Awake tea bags, an apple and a carrot.

When the family is along, I get a bit broader in food choices. It depends on which meal will be affected by the travel time. I might make muffins, or pack a salad. If it is breakfast time, I’ll get a box of Stonyfield farms organic yogurt tubes. Individually they are each less than 3 oz and can be put into the quart bag if needed. Most of the time I just put the box into this cooler bag, and I haven’t ever had a problem bringing them onto a plane.

All together, one compact carryon, one backpack and maybe a bag with food in it for lunch serves to keep me and my family happy and healthy for at least a week.

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