Monday, November 23, 2015

Walking Treadmill Desk

While speaking at the IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) about social media, working online and work processes, I mentioned my walking desk.
Walking Treadmill Desk from
My first set up of my Walking Treadmill Desk, in the laundry room with Lilu resting atop

The topic of the panel was Removing One Food and Finding Many Others but we encompassed the broader ideas of time management, health and general well-being, along with discussion about the variety of fun gluten-free grains.

My mention of my office workflow and how I write seemed to gather a bit more attention than some of our other points. One attendee even ordered the Surf shelf before we finished the panel!

Surf Shelf laptop holder, perfect for a Walking Treadmill Desk from
This Surf Shelf straps onto the treadmill, hold your laptop for writing. 

So many of the IFBC attendees work at home, in tiny spaces carved out of bedrooms or corners of living rooms.  So many feel like getting enough movement is difficult in their work lives.

I get it.  Believe me, I get it.

My treadmill desk lives on the tiny enclosed porch just off the kitchen in our home now.

Between time sitting with patients, sitting while driving my girls around to their next event, sitting while reading research, and sitting while writing, I used to sit about 75% of my day.
Thank goodness, I stand while doing recipe development!

Once I saw this research, though, I knew I had to change my work setup.
Although I’m sure my patients would understand if I wanted to stand more than sit, I wasn’t going to change the dynamics in my office.

So I looked into the idea of a standing desk, and discovered the world of working while moving.
I considered a rowing machine, but too many of my tasks involve typing to be able to effectively use that machine.A bike on a stand had the same sitting concerns, albeit with a bonus of moving legs.

No, for me, my favorite exercise has always been walking, ever since I lived in Manhattan.  I used to walk daily from Battery Park to Macy’s at 34th Street, just to get to work.  It’s about 3.5 to 4 miles depending on route.  Since the rest of my day at work involved a lot of sitting, it was the perfect way to start a day.  I miss that walk.

When I saw this incredibly simple setup, I had to have it.  Best of all, Amazon delivers direct to your house!

So here you go, a picture of my first writing setup is up top.

The treadmill is a Weslo Cadence  with a Surf Shelf placed on top of the control panel.
I ended up taping the emergency button down because the Surf Shelf can bump it off if it moves a bit.

There is a sound and vibration absorbing mat underneath. The calendar shows my blog post topics for the next month.
I reclaimed this space in our laundry room, just out of frame of the picture is our hot water heater surrounded by a set of folding doors. Yup, I work in a closet.
And the cute kitty you see loves to sleep on my treadmill whenever I’m not working on it.
Once I get Lilu off of the treadmill, I have found that I can write and walk the rolling hills program on the treadmill quite easily at one mile per hour.  
Gets my blood moving and thoughts flowing easily without having to worry about getting all wet in the rain of my Pacific Northwet home.
I do alternate times on the treadmill with times sitting but have found that I get so much more work done if I am walking while writing.
Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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