Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter Weather Safety

I am always amazed at the predicaments stupid people will get themselves into!
Heading back towards mom and dads with my brother Andy after a long day of hunting in the snow. We both had the thought let's head down Phillips creek road but decided to take Summit road instead. About a quarter of a mile past Philips creek is a college girl in a little red Toyota Corolla stuck in the six inches of snow on the side of the road. She had started to slide and by the grace of God stopped a few feet from the edge. Over that edge is about a one hundred and fifty foot very steep snowy hill where the only thing to stop her would have been some pine trees. When we came along she was trying to get herself unstuck but the harder she tried the closer she got to the edge.
This car had no business being where it was. The cheap highway tires were almost bald. She didn't have tire chains or even a flashlight. She didn't even have a coat just a college sweatshirt. She had no business taking that car across one of the highway passes let alone out in the middle of nowhere.
I asked her what she was doing up there in all that snow. She replied "I was at the Bar M ranch and wanted to take the scenic route back to Pendleton. We convinced her that there was no way she was going to make it there was to much snow. Andy and I got her pulled back onto the road and turned around. Told her to go back the way she came. We followed her back to Ruckle junction and made sure she made the right turn head down hill toward Pendleton.
I have no idea how long she had been stuck there but she had no idea where she was or how to tell people how to get there. She had cell service and she was trying to explain to her friends where she was. She was telling them to go one hundred and eighty degrees the wrong direction. Had we not come along she would have been in for a long cold night.
This was almost one of those stories you see on the news about the person who was lost in the snow and not found till spring. Had her car not stopped where it did this story would not have had a happy ending. Had we not come along best case scenario she spent a cold night waiting for people that were going the wrong way. Worst case she kept trying to get out of the snow and rolled down that very steep hill out of sight and not found till next spring or summer.
I thank God that things worked out the way they did!

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