Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clearing Social Media

January is the month for clearing.

Cleaning your mind
Clearing your home,
Clearing your closet.
Clearing your diet.
Clearing your Social Media. 

Well, all except the diet.

See, winter is an absolutely TERRIBLE time to diet.
We need the bit of fat in a luscious pot of chicken soup to keep ourselves warm in January,
We need the warmth of a pot pie, or casserole to stave off the winter wind.

It is Not the time to attempt to eat salads and drink sparkling water to give the illusion of fullness.

Wait for those things till you see the first new leaves of sorrel and lettuces poking through.
Wait till your farmer's market reopens with the tiniest of peas and chard leaves.

It's just too hard in January to keep your body healthy and "diet".

But clearing your body of the excesses of fall and winter holidays, you will feel better.
Start by eliminating sugar and alcohol.  After all, these are the two biggest increases over the holidays.

We've been enjoying the journey of a sugar free life since Thanksgiving, when my daughter announced she is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free till the National Rock Climbing competition in February.  She's certainly inspiring me to greater awareness.

Got to admit, it took a bit of the fun out of the holidays to not make our typical sweet cookies, candies and jams.  But, wouldn't you know, we also didn't get any of the colds and viruses running around either.

I'll be sharing lots of recipes for our sugar free discoveries in a little while. I'm p

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