Monday, January 11, 2016

Gluten Free Support

As a naturopathic physician, I love to keep people healthy.
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When I first made the choice to be a naturopath rather than a medical doctor, I was hoping to make a difference in people's life by helping them heal without having to take a poly-pharmacy of drugs.

In part, my choice was driven by watching my first husband die of cancer, then my mother die of cancer and my father dying from heart disease and high blood pressure. All of them ended up in the downward spiral of diagnosis, initial treatment, then treatment of the side effects of the original treatment and on till the end.  I thought, and still think, there has to be a better way.

My work involves many aspects of health-dietary intake adjustments, exercise and movement dynamics, interpretation of laboratory samples, assessment of medication interactions, discussion of spiritual beliefs and concerns, and patient's goals for health.

One benefit of seeing me is that my typical first visit is 1 1/2 hours.  Part of this is because I don't bill insurance at all.  I do provide a super bill for insurance so my patient can bill for themselves, but by not performing the billing myself, I can keep costs low.

Thanksgiving Dinner www.drjeanlayton.comEach visit includes a comprehensive assessment of where they stand right now, including running tests and evaluating the results, assessing dietary intake, balancing supplements and pharmaceuticals to assist in healing.

Over and over, I have patients come in who talk about the frustration of seeing another physician, possibly being diagnosed with celiac but not getting any additional support post-diagnosis.
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No suggestions about which foods would work to heal their damaged gastrointestinal tracts.
No answers to the questions about how to travel and eat gluten-free.
No guidance toward safe restaurants for eating out.
No explanations about which brands are safe to eat and which have cross contamination.
No prescriptions for supplements to reduce inflammation, or to get out of a depleted nutritional state.

Many of these questions can be answered remotely without need for a personal visit.
Since so many people have a hard time finding a physician like me, I take a bit of time daily to pop into Facebook groups to answer questions.

And by taking the time to visit a variety of Facebook groups,  I've been able to share research that remains unavailable to lay folk behind firewalls, and to realize that some of the groups don't share very accurate information.

So, I've started a new group that will strive for accuracy, and to answer questions daily.

But in order to take this much time out of my day to answer folks questions, I'm asking for support.
By contributing monthly,  you will receive the skilled physician advice you've been looking for years.

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