Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Celiac Disease and Vitamin D

Dr. Cathy Breedon presented in her incredibly amusing style about her current top five ways to improve your family's nutrition.
What a wonderful presentation and presenter!

She managed to simplify complex medical terminology and biochemical pathways to succinct visual images. I won't be able to get that truck analogy out of my brain.

One part of her topic was to emphasize just how much we ALL need to supplement Vitamin D.

She had a great breakdown of how much you would have to eat and drink in order to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from food.
Personally, I would find eating 14 ounces of salmon daily to be a bit much.
And for the littlest ones among us, the breast feeding babies, I don't think that they should even try.

So I want to let you all know where to get a high quality vitamin D supplement if you can't find one in your local store. Just look over at the sidebar, click on the link under the heading High Quality Supplements.
This will take you to one of my vendors and a custom built list of gluten free products for you to choose from to enhance your nutrition.

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