Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Places to Eat GF in Bellingham

After reading a comment from a woman who will be traveling to our wonderful town this summer, I realized that I have never dedicated a whole post to GF dining in Bellingham. While I've mentioned various stores and restaurant before, I wanted to comply my thoughts in one post. What follows is the list that's been swirling around my head.

For a fancier dining experience that will surely not disappoint check out The Prospect Street Cafe, The Nimbus or Fool's Onion. An added bonus is that these restaurants not only serve GF meals, but also feature seasonal and local ingredients on their ever evolving menus.

Avellino is a great place to grab a cup a of coffee and a delicious GF pastry or cookie right in the middle of downtown. I've also written about the Jeckyl & Hyde Deli and Ale House in a January 2007 post where you can find directions to this restaurant.

In terms of shopping around town for GF products the Co-op and Terra Organica both offer a diverse selection of GF products and by shopping there you're supporting local businesses. The Lakeway Fred Meyer has a good selection of GF products as does Trader Joe's, but being big chains, they aren't my first choice when I need to fill the pantry.

Anyone have any other suggestions of great places to eat GF in Bellingham?

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