Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Poof Done Dinner

When you lead a busy life, dinner can be an afterthought.
When you lead a gluten-free life, it helps to have at least a few "poof-done" dinners in your repertoire.
This is one of mine.
Most of the ingredients are staples around my house.
for 4
2 cups Rice- prepared in our rice cooker
2 cups Beans-these were slow cooked by Ed a couple of days ago but canned would work just fine
1 large red pepper and 1 large onion- sliced and sauteed in olive oil
2 Chicken burger- I like the TJ's chili lime burgers
guacamole - TJ's again
salsa- Emerald Gardens fresh this time but I always keep both red and green salsas in jars on hand
shredded organic sharp cheddar
corn tortillas

I set up the rice cooker for the rice.
Chopped the chicken burgers into strips, saute till well cooked. Add red peppers and onions. Saute till tender
Heat beans
Heat tortillas.

Scoop rice, beans and chicken pepper mixture into bowls.
top with salsa, guacamole and cheese
serve tortillas on the side
Total cooking time 30 minutes or slightly less.

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